Mr. Stan McDonald

Consulting geologist for Tidal Petroleum

Mr. Stan McDonald, PG, age 52, is the managing member of South Texas Gas LLC. He is a consulting geologist for Tidal Petroleum and is in charge of all Geo-Steering. . He has had experience over the last 28 years as a Petroleum Geologist involved mainly in geosteering and prospect development, primarily for horizontally drilled fractured carbonates in the Texas Gulf Coast area. He has knowledge in numerous formations found in the South Texas oil and gas trend. Mr. McDonald has been a Geologist since 1988. From 1988-1992 he was a staff Geologist for Fleet Petroleum Partners, Houston, Texas. From 1993-2002 Stan was President of Stanton Mineral Development, Inc., Austin, Texas.  He focused primarily on tight sand and fractured carbonate reservoir prospecting and development generally requiring horizontal or directional drilling and advanced stimulation/completion techniques. From 2003-Present he is the managing member of South Texas Gas, LLC., Austin, Texas. He is in charge of prospect development and marketing, geological evaluations and consulting, along with horizontal and directional consulting, well planning and geosteering. Stan received a Bachelors Geology University of Texas at Austin in 1988.