Mr. Clifton E. Davis

Lead engineer for R.W. Dirks Petroleum Engineer Inc

Mr. Clifton E. Davis, PE, age 65, is lead engineer for R.W. Dirks Petroleum Engineer Inc. He has over 30 years experience in management, drilling, completions and production engineering in the oil and gas industry. He has an established track record in all areas of production and drilling operations including a considerable involvement in the environmental issues associated with the industry. He manages over 25 drilling and completion consultants, company gaugers and contract gaugers. He manages all field operations (drilling, completion and production) for multiple clients as well as oversees engineering associated with each project including casing designs, drilling programs, BHA (bottom hole assemblies), hydraulics and directional plans. He has extensive experience in drilling horizontal wells in the EagleFord. Previous experience includes drilling and completions both onshore and offshore with smaller independent operators and consulting companies in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma. He graduated from Texas A&M University with studies in both Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering (double major) with B.S. degree in Petroleum Engineering.