Areas of Operation

Tidal Petroleum, with its in-house prospect evaluation, currently maintains an average of ten to twenty prospects in various stages of analysis, title verification, lease negotiation, or acquisition. We typically have concentrated on prospects that have fallen into four main target depths:  Since inception our activities have primarily remained in the South Texas coastal trends.

  • Frio and Vicksburg Sand 3,000'- 5,000' Shallow gas, low unit costs, excellent economics. 
  • Hockley Yegua and Pettus Sand 5,000' - 7,000' Typically sub-surface controlled with multiple pay zones. Both gas and oil possibilities with excellent reserves.
  • Wilcox Sand 8,000' - 10,500' Prolific formation spanning our area of operations. Very high daily production and reserve potential. 
  • Eagle Ford shale 2,500' - 12,500' Prolific shale formation spanning 15 counties in South Texas. Very low dry hole risk along with excellent daily production and reserve potential. This south Texas formation is also a target for some of the worlds largest oil companies such as Conoco, EOG, Exxon, BP. Etc. Horizontal drilling techniques and multistage stimulation procedures have made this formation one of the premier plays in the North America.

This illustration highlights our areas of exploration.