Drilling Procedures

Drilling and Testing Procedure

  • File permits
  • Build location
  • Move rig on location
  • Drill surface hole and set surface casing
  • Complete drilling the well
  • Log the well and run any other test that may be needed (i.e. cores, drillstem test, etc.)
  • Either plug the well as a non-producer or set and cement the casing

Completion and Equipment Procedure

  • Move work-over rig on location and rig up
  • Run a cased hole bond log, gamma ray log, and collar locator
  • Run in the well bore with production tubing and set the packer above the production zone
  • Run in the well bore with a perforating gun and perforate the well at the area of production
  • At this time, stimulate the well if needed. Run in the hole with down hole pump, sucker rod, polish rod, pony rod, and hook up to the pump jack. (This is assuming that this well does not flow on its own and that it is an oil well instead of a gas well.)
  • Set up storage tanks and stairwell, heater treater, separator, water tank, flow lines, and meter loop for production.
  • Contract with gatherer for purchase of oil and gas.