Welcome to Tidal Petroleum

Tidal Petroleum Oil Rig

Tidal Petroleum was formed in June 1990 to engage in the acquisition, exploration, development and production of oil and gas reserves in Texas.

We have concentrated our activities on the Gulf Coast in South Texas, which is home to some of the most prolific reserves in the United States. Tidal Petroleum operates with low overhead, low operating expenses and a streamlined management organization and is able to readily adapt to changing conditions in the petroleum industry.

Our focus leans toward deeper drilling programs containing multiple producing horizons in order to decrease the risk of dry holes and increase longevity of production life. 3-D seismic surveys and state of the art fracturing technology are some of the everyday tools utilized by Tidal.

Our reputation is impeccable and over the last 22 years Tidal has been recognized as a top producer in several different counties in this region.

What sets us apart is our management team being responsible for the exploration process in its entirety. Our efforts include the following on all programs that bear the Tidal Petroleum logo.

Tidal Petroleum Oil Rig
  • Prospect Generation
  • Geological and Mapping
  • Leasing and Land Work
  • Permitting and Regulatory Reporting
  • Engineering Operations
  • Drilling and Testing of all prospects
  • Completion of all wells
  • Operations of all properties
  • 100% Working Interest in all programs